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Ecology unit

SANA's Ecology Unit is your solution for cleaner indoor air. Designed to eliminate smoke, grease, and odors from kitchen hoods and exhaust fans, it's perfect for commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and industries. Plus, it promotes eco-habitat conservation, ensuring healthier environments and improved air quality, reducing asthma triggers.


Special applications


Machine shops, cold heading, screw

machines, foundry, machining centers, heat treating,

and tender frames

For oil mist


: Return air, outside/makeup air, lounges/

bars, smoking rooms, casinos, and indoor gun ranges


ecology unit.jpeg

Welding, presses/forging, curing, rubber,

plasticizers, and heat treating

For smoke


Grease, smoke, odors, and

wood-fired grills.

For Kitchen Exhaust


FOUR-KITCHEN, which has been developed specially for the places with chimney problem, has been manufactured in modular structure. Thanks to its modular structure, the parts are separable thus it can be positioned at different points where it is necessary.

It consists of 50mm thickness, double-walled and Eurocent certified panels. Inner wall is manufactured from stainless steel.

AISI304 quality so it can be easily cleaned.

FOUR KITCHEN devices are controllable through an automated system and compatible with the other equipment manufactured.

by DOGU HVAC Systems.


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• The inside walls of the device are manufactured from 304 stainless steel as standard.

(Taylor-made production is also available in line with the customer demand)

• Automatic control panel is supplied as standard with the device.

• Self-inverter, backward curved, EC-DC plug fan is used in device.

• Fan flow control unit is associated with the devise as Standard.

• Upon request, remote-controlled fan flow control unit is supplied with the device.

• Double inclined condensation pan is available in the sections where the solid and liquid particles are caught.

• In case of request, it can be manufactured with mounted roofing sheet

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