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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),Analysis

CFD Analysis Services

SANA Engineering Solutions Company is overall experience in applying state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods in order to assess, validate and optimize engineering processes, systems, and products.

SANA provides the CFD analysis for HVAC systems, such as jet fans applications in car parking to evaluate the performance of car park ventilation systems for vehicle pollutant control, smoke extraction to assist the fire service in the event of a fire, and the pressure acting on escape doors.


•Advantages of CFD analysis 

•What is our scope of work in CFD?

 SANA service car parking ventilation system

Ensuring car parks are ventilated to prevent the buildup of toxic fumes and flammable gasses is critically serious. 

Car Parking a ventilation system

 SANA service fire  simulations

Physical fire tests help to predict fire behavior and spread and understand the dynamics of fire development such as Comprehensive & Realistic Fire Dynamics Simulation, and Fire Smoke Dispersion Analysis.

Fire Dynamic Simulations

Air Velocity simulations

The use of CFD  simulation allows us to solve the flow problem with a computer, and obtain precise results. This, in turn, optimizes computation time and resources, as well as calculates the magnitude and direction of the velocities. 

Air Velocity Simulations

SANA HVAC simulations

HVAC engineers optimize designs using CFD simulation to investigate new heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration system designs and find root causes of performance issues. CFD Achieves operational goals by controlling microclimates, thermal comfort, and air quality compliance. 

HVAC Simulations

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car parking cfd

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